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Dictador at BlackBeard

Date: 8 November 2017

There are spots on the map of Poland where you can enjoy great time, sip on delicious drinks, learn about their history and meet awesome people. The famed BlackBeard in Wrocław is definitely one of them. Dictador was there with its iconic products to be savoured with pleasure. 

BlackBeard is a cult, on-trend place in Wrocław. A barber and a liquer shop in one, BlackBeard is the perfect spot to get a trim, but also to buy excellent spirits from all over the world and learn about their origin, production and taste nuances. The venue owners – Jacek Boniecki, Patryk Kozyra i Tomasz Krzyk – are not only aficionados of premium quality alcoholic beverages. Their business concept is unique and it includes regular meetings and masterclasses for those in the know. Could Dictador miss such a great opportunity to reveal the mysteries of its amber-coloured rums? Of course not!

On the 8th of November, Dictador’s country manager Bartosz Masłowski took the BlackBeard’s guests on an exciting trip through Colombia and the heritage of Dictador. The event also included cigar and spirits tasting of the brand’s iconic products like Dictador 12 and 20 Years as well as Insolent, Perpetual and Best Of. A truly great time for the connoisseurs of exquisite drinks and other earthly delights. Make sure you join us next time!