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Best Of Rum Of The Year 2017

Dictador Best of 1978 becomes the Rum of the Year 2017

We have good reasons to beam with pride. Our Dictador Best of 1978 has been awarded a gold medal by – a reputable specialist website on exquisite drinks, their history and characteristics.

Good news to start the new year! Dictador Best 1978, a limited rum from Dictador’s private collection, has been recognized by the discerning palate of the spirit connoisseurs. The website is a credible source of information (and inspiration) about alcoholic beverages, both popular labels and emerging drinks. Dictador’s Best 1978 distinct flavors of chocolate, cherry, tobacco, tea, and ginger, as well as its long finish, have been deeply appreciated! Hoping for more news like that throughout the year!

Come and rejoice with us 😉

Date: 04 January 2018