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Orlinski 5 decades rum

Dictador Rum Promotes Highly Collectible NFT Rum

The price of Dictador’s first NFT jumped from its initial offering of $25,000 to $36,000 on the trade market within hours of its release. (…) How Spirits Work As an NFT (…) With those rights come a few choices. You can hang onto the bottle as a premium liquor investment. You can re-sell these rights to a fellow investor. You can also make the radical decision of actually drinking the liquor, an action known in NFT parlance as “burning.” When you choose this latter option, the bottle comes out of storage and gets shipped to you. It also gets pulled from the NFT marketplace for good, never to return. The platform behind the initial transaction, which will list the bottle as a tradable asset for all to see, will take the bottle off its website. (…) KEN GRIER: The 1976 vintage NFT allows us to put together an expression of rum and art as a pioneering investment.” (…) NFTs as a way to democratize the high-end spirits industry.”