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Alcohol Art X Dictador’s Rum Bottles.

When it comes to managing a vastly successful business, many factors need to be maintained. As a business becomes more and more popular, its competitors keep increasing.

To defeat their competitors, businesses have to recheck their business plan that includes:

  • The product(s) that they are selling.
  • The prices of their product(s)
  • The availability of their products to a worldwide market.
  • Most importantly, their packaging.

The packaging of a product may seem a tad bit too trivial, but imagine getting the smoothest silk shirt wrapped in uneven bubble warp and secured with random straps of tapes.

A person psychologically creates a dislikes to items that do not fit their appeal. When a business creates a new packaging or brings up the ante for their already existing packaging, people get attracted to the product. As they say;

 “First impression is the last impression.”

To pull consumers towards their exotic rum and it’s varieties of flavors, Dictador use alcohol art to add beauty are a source of attraction to their rum bottles.

The alcohol art they have used in the past is mainly for their entire collection of Native Indian artistic tribe as “Waxrika.”

What Is Alcohol Art And How Is It Used?

Alcohol art is basically bright colored paint that is dye-based. What that essentially means is that alcohol art is no different than normal art, however, due to its texture; it is generally used to paint the ideology of nature, or abstract art.

However it has other uses as well.

Printing, stamping and art work is all done by alcohol ink. In addition, Fabric is dyed using alcohol ink; jewelry gets its various colors after being painted by alcohol ink.

In short, one can consider alcohol yet another type of paint, except that this certain paint can be used for others reasons varying from only artwork 

It is also possible to make alcohol ink by one self. It only needs rubbing alcohol and ink. The ink’s color chosen depending on one’s choice. Either one can use a paintbrush to use the alcohol ink, or they can put small blobs and let the runny texture do its work.

Dictador’s Distilled Alcohol Art For Their Rum Bottles

Alcohol art, which is done by alcohol ink, is used by Dictador for their native Indian and Mexican series.

For their native Indian series, the design is hand made using alcohol ink, but it would seem as though their Mexican series uses alcohol art through printing the design.


These designs are well put together and intricately painted. They are one of the main sources of attractions. Dictador’s team used very bright and eye=catching colors to emphasize on the theme of this series – which is Native Indian –

The color combination of red, orange and blue is often affiliated with a “Native” aspect. Through these rum bottle designs, Dictador solidifies that idea after naming the series “Native Indian Artistic Tribe”

Mainly alcohol art is seen as another version of paint; however, alcohol art tends to have either pastel, or vibrant themes – alcohol art generally has such two extremes –

As seen, Dictador’s usage of alcohol art indeed did attract plenty of consumers to boost their market share. With such success, it would seem as some business may decide to try different packaging approaches to attract more customers too.