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Dictador Plans To Integrate Their Fine Liquor With Rare NFTs.

Dictador is a well-aged and established brand. Its owners and directors believe only in selling the most delicate vintage Rum. Through striving for a century, Dictador has perfected the taste of its Colombian aged Rum. 

Dictador has flourished and prospered throughout the years, and through this success, they have decided to merge their Rum with rare NFTs.

What Are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens – better known as NFTs – are digital assets that can represent real-world items, be it artwork, music, gaming items, or films. 

NFTs are generally consumed and exchanged by cryptocurrency and usually deal with digital aspects of buying and selling.

But why would someone pay such high prices for a digital artwork they can snap a screenshot of? NFTs are paid to gain full ownership rights on a particular item.

 However, with how expensive NFTs are, people brag about the owner’s right that they have recently obtained rather than the item itself.

Even though NFTs are naturally expensive, there are rare NFTs as well… and as the name suggests, these NFTs are a dime in dozen. These NFTs do not have many or any copies at all, which is why it isn’t easy to attain them. 

Even though NFTs themselves are scarce, rare NFTs cannot be afforded by even the most impeccable as there are mostly no copies of them existing anymore. 

This is why before a person gives out their NFTs; they need to check if their NFTs are rare, as rare NFTs can be very heavily priced. 

To Check How Rare Your NFT is, You Can:

  • Enter your NFT’s ID into the “projection section” From there, you will get to know if you have rare NFTs. The higher the score, the rare your NFT is.
  • Check if the NFT you have gotten has any other copy. If it has only a few copies, it is rare.

For example, suppose someone has bought the original artwork of the Mona Lisa. In that case, it is a super rare NFT because nowhere else in this world does anyone else have the original painting of the Mona Lisa.

Dictador’s collaboration with Richard Orlinski to sell ‘unique’ ‘rare’ and ‘unrepeatable’ Rum Bottles through NFTs.

Dictador, who has been making unique and prime Rum for 100 and 9 years, is still up and running for new tricks to attract a massive portion of the alcohol market. 

For years, the market for Rum or Alcohol, in general, has been increasing quite rapidly. 

With consumers demanding alcohol that satisfies their desire, Dictador has found the perfect recipe after decades of hard work and has become able to supply the demand for alcohol and Rum.

Before the launch of the official plan, Dictador in November auctioned an in a billion, super rare 45-year-old fine rum bottle. And not to be surprised, the stakes for the bottle were breaking the limits of the alcohol market.

Due to such high rising demand, Dictador has decided to collaborate with “Richard Orlinski” a well-known pop sculptor.

This time, Dictador is not just auctioning their fine rum bottles; instead, they have decided to shape them in unique ways after gaining inspiration from Richard. 

Furthermore, Dictador has decided to grant additional benefits to the consumer for their purchase.

A private dinner for two people, a stay at a five-star Hotel in Colombia for two people. They will also get a city tour, and they will be able to taste some of the spirits from Parra’s family’s traditions. 

Everything about the auction is very tempting; hence people who have obtained rare NFTs have a higher chance of attaining all these luxuries one could only wish to get their hands on. 

How People Can Attain Dictador’s Well-Sculptured And High-Quality Rum Bottles Using NFTS.

Previously, it has been explained that NFTs are online tokens, and though they can be copied like cryptocurrency, they are similar. So how can someone get the original bottle through a screen? 

Throughout the auction, people will bid on the amount of NFTs they are willing to give out to get their hands on one of Dictador’s scrumptious rum bottles. 

Once the auction is finished and the winner has been decided, the winner will be able to attain the original bottle via Dictador’s agency. 

Dictator’s rum bottles are charged 10.85 ETH for the top 3rd edition and 8.88 ETH for the entire 7th edition. ETH is known as Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, and when translated to USD, it is 1,129 USD per Ethereum. 

However, Dictador lets people pay for their rum bottles through rare NFTs or the original NFTs. 

After purchase, the person will gain all rights towards the expensive and refined Rum. From there, a person can either hold on to the bottle for a possible future sale on the BlockBar platform, or they can enjoy the taste of Dictador’s neat and ideal Rum; as Marek Szoldrowski, entrepreneur of Dictador, said; “The purchaser will receive an unrepeatable experience, unavailable in any other way,”