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Dictador Rum Indulges In NFT Metaverse.

Without the high market for rum, it comes as no shock that Dictador has many competitors. However, before 2022, Dictador has become a brand that holds the world’s most extensive stock of rum.

They have also broken two world records for rum. Their first record-breaking rum was sold for 41,000$ while they also broke a world record for the most expensive rum. 

Their rum sold for a mind-boggling 100,000$. This officially made Dictador’s Rum the most expensive rum to be sold worldwide.

With all this success constantly motivating Dictador’s directors to keep originating more ideas, a few months ago, one of Dictador’s directors officially announced that they will be indulging in the NFT Metaverse

“We’re right at the forefront; we’re pioneering the way forward into NFTs.” Said Dictador’s creative director, Ken Grier.

What is NFT Metaverse? 

With how advanced technology has gotten, some aspects of modern technology slip from our minds. To understand what NFT Metaverse is, it is essential to know what Metaverse is. 

Metaverse is another reality created by modern technology which allows players and people to interact with each other online through the curtain of “Metaverse 3D avatars.”

In simpler words, the Metaverse is VR, virtual reality. 

Regarding NFTs, Metaverse is another reality where people can purchase NFT goods. In NFT Metaverse, people can own virtual goods, houses, boats, bags, artworks, or cars. 

All purchases of such items that exist in virtual reality can be made through NFTs.

Yet the question remains;

How does NFT Metaverse link to a rum company such as Dictador?

Ken Grier, creative director of Dictador, announced that Dictador would be launching a project called “Arthouse Dow” Ken Grier further explained; 

“Now, Arthouse because we passionately believe in Art, Dow is a decentralized autonomous organization.”

The organization’s members govern a decentralized autonomous organization; it does not have any leaders.

Through this organization, Dictador will advertise and display the unique style of the run bottle they have created.

The new shape of the bottle is constructed like a particular area of a country, for example, Mexico. 

The area is sculptured in a highly realistic manner. All the roads, houses, and buildings they’re visible on the outside of the bottle.

How Dictador will manage its NFT Metaverse project “Arthouse Dow.”

Dictador has already made plans on how they are going to maintain their NFT Metaverse. Ken Grier went into depth about how their project will have 20,000 memberships.

Though these memberships may be expensive for some people, it is only a one-time fee. To become a member, one must pay 1000$, and for this year, only 5000 can pay to become members. 

The fee is not mainly to become a member; Dictador has also made sure to add supplementary benefits of becoming a member.

Upon entrance to the NFT Metaverse Organization, members will be awarded what Ken Grier called; “An incredible digital piece of art.” The piece of art will contain one of any particular area from the world, drawn onto a Rum bottle by the Dictador. 

The topography of the area will be all visible. The highs and lows, the tall and short buildings, will all be witnessed by the eyes of the members. In addition, there are only 20,000 designs.

That potentially means that only the first 20,000 people that become part of the NFT Metaverse organization will be able to attain one of the 20,000 designs.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that every design will be purely unique, with a completely different area on each drawing, meaning that every member will have something special to cherish.

And it does not stop there. Once members have attained the digital piece of art through the NFT Metaverse, they will be awarded 300$ worth of deliciousness (their rum) from Dictador.

That is what a member gets upon entrance, but what more they can attain is expert advice. On Dictador’s NFT Metaverse, the members can connect with expert consultants in NFTs and cryptocurrency, all this from the price they paid to become a member. 

With Dictador taking this step, we can expect to see more Rum businesses indulging in NFT Metaverse to widen their community and attract consumers from different aspects around the world.