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Dictador’s NFT Drops From The Collaboration With “Richard Orlinski.”

As the present times pass by, the rum market keeps increasing. 

People, regardless of their income, at times demand rum or alcohol. However, with how the modern world progresses, the economic per capita is increasing steadily.

This allows more consumers to purchase the rum that they have been demanding. 

Similarly, from 2019 to 2020, the rum industry has flourished by 0.5 billion; it is forecasted to continue to prosper even after 2027. 

This news is quite sublime as it presents Dictador with an opportunity to keep releasing their NFT drops, as they have done before 9th November 2021.

But What Are NFT Drops? 

An NFT drop is the day, time, and date when a particular line of NFTs becomes accessible to investors. It is the commencement of a Non-Fungible Token initiative. 

To place it into more straightforward and more understandable words, NFT drops are precisely the date and exact time more goods that can be bought with NFTs are introduced into the digital market.

An NFT drop includes products that are strictly either for a limited time or for one purchase. That is why many people scramble after NFT drops when they are introduced to the market.

Either the NFT drop has something they want, or they purchase it because it has limited edition items, perhaps in hopes of selling it for a higher price much later. 

Due to the popularity of NFT and its drops, Dictador has decided to introduce its NFT decline, including their well-sculptured, flavor-some, and luxurious rum bottles. 

What Dictador Had Planned For Its NFT Drops.

Like a hundred and the nine-year-old brand is now well-established and demanded, Dictador measures each step it takes. 

The idea of an NFT drop came from one of Dictador’s past auctions, where they auctioned a 45-year-old vintage rum bottle. The rum itself sold for a whopping 41,000$. This was a record-breaker, and to this day, the bottle is sold for 40,000$

Because of this success, Dictador decided to collaborate with a well-known and inspiring pop sculptor named “Richard Orlinski.”

Together, Dictador and Richard formed new shapes for Dictador’s rum bottles. The bottles had unique colors: a rainbow-tiled, a stone-grey, and a shimmery, eye-catching gorilla-shaped bottle. 

Richard inspired the shapes of these bottles; however, the golden gorilla-shaped bottle honor Richard’s series of sculptures called “Wild Kong.” 

Every business is aware that product placement and advertising are not everything. Packaging matters too.

It is a source of attraction when the packaging of a particular item is neat and secure, which is everything that Dictador’s limited edition rum bottles are. 

On 9th November, Dictador released its NFT drops containing ten different editions of its prolonged recipes of rum bottles. This NFT drop was released on BlockBar, one of the biggest rum websites that sell alcohol through either cryptocurrency such as Ethereum “ETH” or Non-Fugitive Tokens “NFTs.” 

Dictador’s NFT drop caught the attention of an enormous proportion of the alcohol demanders and its market. The bottles were sold for 10 ETH on average, which can also be bought for NFTs. 

NFT drops usually end up making a lot of money because of two differing reasons. As mentioned, these drops have only limited and rare items in their collection. 

And with the demand for alcohol increasing, people either buy Dictador’s rum to bask in its taste’s glory or save the NFT and sell it on BlockBar later, when Dictador becomes, even more well-known so that its rum would sell for higher prices!

Dictador has been perfecting their recipes for the most luxurious tasting rum for a decade, and now that they have perfected the flavor of their rum, their goal is to make people aware of their delicious rum. 

The directors of Dictador and even Richard believe that purchasing the NFT drop from Dictador on the previous 9th November would have been an experience that one cannot adhere to again,

Richard Orlinski also said that he believes that the rum industry will pick its path towards further success soon, giving a chance to Dictador to prove how worthy and spectacular their refined rum is!