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Why Dictador Has Created New NFT Projects Throughout The Years.

Why Dictador Has Created New NFT Projects Throughout The Years.

Dictador is one of the world’s largest Rum businesses. It has been established for over 100 and 9 years.

Throughout the years the directors and workers of Dictador have tried ample of recipes from the past generations of Dictador to reach the perfect taste… and after years, they have obtained the most ever-lasting taste of Rum anyone would want.

However, as the world progresses, new competition arises and new methods of attracting consumers are made. Even after being a century old, Dictador does not fail in following the well-known trends on the world.

Due to the rising market of NFTs, Dictador has created new NFT projects to keep up with the consumers.

What New NFT Projects Are:

New NFT projects are basically NFT drops but they are not a line of collections. New NFT projects generally come either individually or in small groups.

New NFT projects can – just like NFT drops – be purchased by investors, however if the NFT is a consumable item, once the item is eaten or drunk, the NFT is burned, it no longer holds value.

Dictador has created ample new NFT projects throughout the years. It all began when Dictador decided to sell their refined and elegant rum bottles on BlackBox, a very well-known rum selling website.

Plenty of rum businesses place their Rum and alcohol on BlackBox, and people can come exchange it either for ETH (Ethereum) or NFTs (Non-Fugitive Tokens)

On November 9th, Dictador published its new NFT project, which contained ingredients for ten distinct iterations of their extended rum bottle formulations. This new NTF project was made available on BlockBar, one of the largest rum retailers that accept non-fugitive tokens (NFTs) or crypto currencies like Ethereum (ETH) for payment.

In addition, in the November of 2021, Dictador held an auction for a 45-year-old bottle of excellent rum that was one in a billion. Not surprisingly, the stakes for the bottle were exceeding those set by the booze industry. This sparked an interest within the directors of Dictador.

It motivated them to extend the boundaries of their rum bottles, to make them available for every currency. Not only would it be profitable for them, but also accessible by many

Another new NFT project from Dictador was when they collaborated with a very well-known pop sculptor “Richard Orlinski.”

The new NFT project circled around the uniquely designed rum bottles, such as rainbow tiles, grey stone, and a shimmery and eye-catching gorilla shaped rum bottle which was made to honor Richard Orlinski’s series of sculptures called “Wild Kong” 

Dictador’s Most Recent New NFT Project.

As of now Dictador has placed around 30 limited editions of their rum bottles on blackbox. This was the first step Dictador took towards creating new NFT projects.

However as of April 2022, Dictador has announced that they have come with a new NFT project. The project revolves around an online organization that is controlled purely by the members of the organization.

Since the previous NFT projects from Dictador had very slim amount of Rum bottles in them, this time Dictador allowed each new member a digital rum bottle art.

The art has 20,000 versions, each varying from the previous one. The art is about a particular area of a country or town, and its map is intricately laid upon the outside of the bottle.

The NFT organization can only allow 20,000 members, which would mean that only the first 20,000 people to become a part of the organization will be able to obtain the “incredible piece of art.”

Furthermore, members will be able to attain 300$ worth of luxuries rum bottles, delivered by Dictador’s agency.

This project has been well-defined and developed. Ken Grier, creative director of Dictador said;

“The key thing within this (their recent project) is we’re setting up a treasury of rare bottles, rare casks, in a warehouse and you will have fractional ownership of this”

Ken Grier’s words show how much consideration Dictador puts into their new NFT projects in order to satisfy the demand of their consumers.

Which Dictador being one of the world’s biggest Rum businesses, it is not wrong to believe that we will soon be seeing other rum business take the path that Dictador has chosen. Especially when NFT’s values are skyrocketing off of the charts.