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Traditional business, technological innovations, and art are often too difficult a combination to achieve at a high standard. The uncommon trio adds this unique touch to their products, making them one of a kind, which in turn adds unrivaled value to them, disrupting the luxury products market. Its rebellious mechanism is what makes the company distinctive in its own right.

‘Picture a bold future, feel the freedom to create what was never done before, don’t follow rules, and unleash your rebellious mindset’


This is the invitation that Dictador extends to masters, artists, tastemakers, and bold rule-breakers to join the rebels to impact the future, redefine conventions, and change the world for the better. As a result, Dictador is the next generation collectible, it is the arthouse luxury brand with a dynamic and rebellious mindset that inspires geniuses to go beyond the obvious and celebrate their passion for life, creation, and artistic expression.


According to Dictador’s President,

The only rule is to do what has never been done before and challenge the notion of possibility

The brand manifests this in the exceptional rare rums, in the highly innovative and very new line of product initiatives under the ‘Art Distilled’ platform, where the brand collaborates with amazing artists, masters, and rule-breakers, in the unique NFTs and the ArtHouse Spirits DAO, and in all projects impacting the future.

Its ultimate expression is Dictador M-city Gold Cities. It is the equivalent of haute couture in the world of the most exclusive spirits. An invitation-only experience available to only a select few of the world’s most discerning individuals who have proven to be among the elite connoisseurs of fine art, masters of style and culture, and members of the few tastemakers of extraordinary vision and inspiration. Dictador M-City Gold Cities is the most exclusive spirit in history, part of the first one-billion-dollar limited edition. It is maximally personalized and delivered in an extraordinary bottle, which itself is a piece of art, handcrafted in gold by M-City, depicting the city that is connected to each owner.

Each Dictador rum recalibrates one’s perception of what constitutes a fine spirit. Dictador is home to the oldest and most valuable treasury of old rums in the world. Each rum is blended by the Master Blender Hernan Parra, who receives the ultimate freedom to transform norms and boundaries, resulting in a taste expression that is second to none.

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Dictador M-City Gold Cities follows the spirit of the brand by never settling for the obvious. Dictador’s ArtHouse Spirit DAO, which was introduced recently, fuses the world of digital luxury with an exclusive NFT collection. The central part of ArtHouse Spirits DAO is its unique treasury, worth over $50 million, consisting of an exclusive collection of the world’s oldest, rarest, and most delicate rums that are expected to appreciate in value over time due to their exceptionality. This treasury backs the DAO and its NFTs with real assets that are so exceptional and limited that an increase in their desirability and value is highly expected. The combination of digital and real-world assets makes the ArtHouse Spirit DAO an attractive option and sets it apart from most other NFT initiatives that are purely digital. Exclusive Membership NFTs are individual art pieces created by M-City representing 20,000 urbanistic schemes of cities and districts from around the globe, an endeavor never done before. It’s exclusive access to VIPs and extraordinarily inaccessible activities.

Many inspiring and pioneering designs, driven by the owners’ unlimited imagination, are what make the brand special and unique. In the range of the finest alcoholic beverages brands, it is vain to look for equally sophisticated and daring realizations. The revolution started by Dictador, goes far beyond the world of spirits, entering boldly and without restraint into the fields of art and new technologies.

Dictador is setting an example of how traditional businesses can make use of modern technology and consistently upgrade the brand. The journey of the company has so far been compelling from a family-owned local business to a dynamic, modern luxury lifestyle brand. Hiring the world’s first AI-powered robot CEO with a unique responsibility for data-based insight, strategic provocation, and community liaison. Additionally, the brand also launched the world’s first closed community of high-net-worth individuals, investors, and like-minded luxury consumers powered by NFTs, making the company a pioneer in the industry. Dictador continues to reinvent itself and incorporate the most advanced technologies and futuristic artistic imaginations to serve its customers better.