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Memorable, Unique and Daring to be Different

The new Dictador campaign is the sexiest one yet, including a series of black and white visuals featuring a bevy of beautiful people. The sizzling and edgy campaign gives a quick glimpse into the Dictador brand – provocative, dramatic and sensual – much like the products that DICTADOR is known for.

At the core of the Dictador brand DNA

Pushing the boundaries and doing something exciting is at the core of Dictador’s DNA. It’s about the spirit and the attitude – exploring style, creativity and fantasy. The sizzling and edgy campaign renders the Dictador brand relevant to its contemporary audience, effectively tapping into an emotional desire while communicating the soul of what it is to be DICTADOR.

Dictador going global since 2009

One of the most sought-after liquors that money can buy, and now available in over eighty countries around the globe. Dictador’s unmatched expression of artistry and technique gives the brand cachet as Colombia’s pinnacle rum, making it highly-desired by aficionados around the world.

Dictador: The Concept

The campaign gets noticed, standing out while authentically reflecting the personality of the Dictador brand. The imagery provokes and creates a sense of curiosity, tapping into an emotional desire. There is a confidence to stand behind an attitude that the Dictador consumer can connect with.

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