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Dictador Private Reserve Tabi Coffee

Tabi Speciality coffee has a high fragrance with notes of hazelnut, almond, chocolate, walnut, jasmine, honey and subtle notes of cedar.

Aroma: Notes of pineapple, cinnamon, chocolate, walnut, subtle lemongrass.

Flavor: Full and balanced cup, filling the mouth very well, notes of yellow fruits, pineapple, apricot, walnut, white raisin and jasmine.


Pink Bourbon Speciality coffe has a high fragrance and aroma.

Aroma: Notes of milk chocolate, jasmine, lemon leaf, cherry, apple, panela, red fruits (blackberry, strawberry and blueberry).

Taste: Sweet fruity, notes of panela, brown sugar, cherry, strawberry and lemon. Silky and medium body; juicy and citrus acidity; pleasant, pronounced and sweet aftertaste.

Dictador Private Reserve Pink Bourbon Coffee
Dictador Private Geisha Coffee

Geisha Speciality coffee has a high fragrance with notes of honey, jasmine, hazelnut.

Our deep expression of complex flavors and aromas combines notes of hazelnut and chocolate with gentle hints of walnut and almond straight from the heights oF Colombian mountaintops to your cup.

Aromatic to brown sugar, subtle orange peel, lemongrass.
Taste of medium intensity. Light body and medium residual.


Castillo Speciality coffe has a high fragrance of Red fruits, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, plum; and notes of jasmine.

Aroma: High notes of cherry, strawberry, white chocolate, brown sugar and coffee flower.
Flavor: Lack, strawberry, brown sugar and plum.

Dictador Private Castilo Coffee