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Dictador Wixarica
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Limited Collection of Dictador single vintage 40 years old rum in unique bottles hand decorated by Wixáritari, a native Indian artistic tribe inhabiting the steep ravines of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the Mexican Gran Nayar. The bottles feature our most precious liquids from the best and oldest barrels. The liquids are carefully chosen and mixed by our master blender, as he has chosen the best of the oldest vintages to give you the truest taste of our age-old DICTADOR.

Wixáritari believe that it is not the final effect that is the most important in creating art, but the act of creation itself: singing, sewing, embroidering and creating remarkable patterns using thousands of tiny beads. The entire universe depicted in art is constantly changing. That’s why each work of art is unique.

Dictador Wixarica
Dictador Wixarica

For classical Colombian flavours that are rich, deep and luxuriously delicious – you need simply to sip to fully understand the magic of the best. Dictador Wixarika comes as the world’s limited collection of only 250 bottles. You are one of the lucky owners who can enjoy the precious taste and unique design of Dictador Wixárika.

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Only 250 bottles in the world.
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