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Let us tell you something about our brand
Dictador is a dynamic, modern and luxury lifestyle brand that embodies heritage and provenance, with a history in spirits production of over 100 years. Dictador offers an unrivalled, award-winning offering in ultra-premium Colombian aged spirits, coffee and Dominican cigars to a discerning worldwide clientele.


Dictador – an international company with a heart
Dictador has been celebrating over 100 years of production at the Destilería Colombiana in Cartagena, Colombia, which boasts a tropical climate yielding an ultra-high grade sugar cane. It is this magical balance of weather and land which enables Dictador to produce an exceptional range of quality rums and gins; celebrating the quintessential Colombian spirit.


Everyone has some Dictador inside
Allow yourself to create a fully immersive experience with our complementary products in the Dictador portfolio. Sip and enjoy our extraordinarily crafted blends while lighting up one of our medium-strength Dominican cigars. Finish the experience with our Colombian coffee and celebrate everything there is to be DICTADOR